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Munich architect Rupert Augustin designed the extravagant front of this tent especially for Hermann and Anneliese Haberl, when they were both Oktoberfest landlords in 1980. As the name suggests, oxen is the main focus in the Ochsenbraterei. It’s not for nothing that an exceptionally large ox model rotates over the entrance and that ox is available in different variations inside. Some 80 horned cattle make an appearance at the Oktoberfest every year. Each animal is personally selected in advance from the Gut Karlshof by the landlord. The first ox was rotated, using a steam machine, as far back as 1881. Since then, Oktoberfest without this roasted spectacle has been inconceivable. Who doesn’t want to stop here for a bite to eat and a party?

Seats inside: 5.900
Seats outside: 1.500

Brewery: Spaten

Ochsenbraterei Haberl OHG
Anneliese Haberl und Antje Schneider
Englischer Garten 3
80538 München

Tel.: +49-89-38 38 73 12
Fax: +49-89-38 38 73 40

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» Ochsenbraterei «

Kosten pro Person: ab ca. 32,- Euro

11:00 Uhr - 22:30 Uhr

Gegenleistung pro Person:

in der Regel 2 Maß Bier und 1 Essen