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In 2004 the new Schützenfestzelt was unveiled, it has 5,500 seats - that’s 700 more than previously. The new hall cost two million EUR. The temperature in the tent was also improved thanks to continuous ventilation in the gables. There’s a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in the Schützenfestzelt, predominantly because the tent is one of the smaller tents at Oktoberfest. It’s particularly well known for its suckling pig in malt beer sauce. It’s served with coleslaw which is, as is customary in Bavaria, lukewarm. A real delicacy! There are also 110 shooting stands in the Schützenfestzelt, at which the traditional Oktoberfest shooting competition is held and can be watched by guests.

Seats: 5.500

Brewery: Löwenbräu

Gastronomiegetriebe Reinbold KG
Residenzstrasse 9
80333 München

Tel.: +49-89-23 18 12 24
Fax: +49-89-23 18 12 44


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» Schützen-Festzelt «

Kosten pro Person: ab ca. 25,- Euro

12:00 Uhr - 22:30 Uhr

Gegenleistung pro Person:

in der Regel 2 Maß Bier und ein halbes Hähnchen