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Grand Entry of Landlords and Breweries

Einzug der Wiesnwirte

The most important thing at the Oktoberfest is the beer. Since 1887, the Oktoberfest has traditionally begun with the Grand Entry of Landlords.

This year the landlords enter on 16 September 2017. The procession is led by the Münchner Kindl (coat of arms of Munich), the representative of the city for many cultural events - particularly the Oktoberfest, of course. This is traditionally followed by the mayor’s festival carriage. Behind this come the splendid carts of the landlords and breweries. Waitresses holding the beer mugs are also there, ready for two weeks of hard work to begin following the festive procession. The small Oktoberfest landlords and game booth owners bring up the rear of the procession. They are represented with a carriage for all of them together.



16th September 2017 at 10.45 am

Video: Einzug der Festwirte und Brauereien zum Oktoberfest