Oktoberfest-Outfit » Dirndl - traditional costume for women


It’s classic, sexy, feminine and fashionable: the dirndl. It is by no means easy to find the right one.

Especially when there are new dirndl trends every year: you can never go wrong with a timeless dress because after all it’s a real traditional piece - exactly like Lederhosen.

The dirndl descends from the old rural and practical women’s costume and is always comprised of top section and a long dress with an apron. Its name comes from the word “dirn” (south German for “girl”) as the female waitresses were called in the 19th century, back then it was only uniform work clothing until the dirndl later came into fashion with the middle class. Today women enjoy wearing the traditional dress once a year and they always look great, because the dirndl looks good on every woman, whether they’re tall, small, fat or thin. Cheaper versions of dirndls are available for about 120 EUR (these mostly come in two parts - dress and apron); if you want the latest design or the finest material then you’ll need to pay at least 250 EUR. In addition to this there is the blouse (costing from 25 EUR) and other accessories (jewellery, shoes, jacket, etc.).

And don’t forget the various styles: each dirndl has its own traditional characteristics that can be admired when the dirndl is being worn. Anyone who wants to prepare for the Oktoberfest in terms of fashion should generally not turn down comprehensive advice in the respective specialist shop and should definitely not miss the costume parade.

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