Oktoberfest-Outfit » Lederhosen - traditional costume for men


They’re a must at Oktoberfest: Lederhosen! Lederhosen were originally work clothes worn by farmers until they were prevented from slowly dying out with the founding of the first Bavarian Costume Association in 1883.

In addition to the fundamental decision of choosing short, long or over the knee shorts, the future owners have to choose between lots of models and materials.

It’s important that the Lederhosen sit properly. When they are bought they can be quite tight because the leather has a bit of give. Many people favour tailor-made shorts made from chamois tan buckskin, for other people real Lederhosen have to be clothes inherited from their father or grandfather.

There’s a wide price range - Lederhosen sets, costume shirts and shoes, are cheaper. Specialist costume shops provide good advice. However, you can also make a good find in department stores. Anyone who is interested in the various Bavarian costumes should definitely not miss the costume parade!

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