Oktoberfest to go…

Oktoberfest Souvenirs
Oktoberfest Souvenirs


When the tents on the fairground have been taken down and the cold days are setting in, Oktoberfest souvenirs such as felt hats, beer mugs and gingerbread hearts will remind you of the great time you had at Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest beer mug is redesigned every year and is a real collector’s item and popular souvenir. The classic design is already more than 100 years old. The printed motif is new every year - namely the respective Oktoberfest poster for that year. The mug is available at most souvenir stalls. In addition, many landlords sell their own beer mugs with Oktoberfest motifs in their tents.

Souvenir fans also have lots of other opportunities to express their enthusiasm for Oktoberfest. Hats and glasses, available decorated with beer kegs, cow horns or lions. The Bavarian heraldic animal is available in many shapes - including as a cuddly toy lion.

Of course, the souvenirs include numerous oddities: Yodelling groundhogs, golf balls that look like Ludwig II and tin lids for beer bottles. Tasty gingerbread hearts (see photo) are classics, these are adorned with lots of different messages.

Anyone who doesn’t manage to buy souvenirs at Oktoberfest before partying, either for themselves or for those left at home, can order them online.

Oktoberfest Souvenirs

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